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Oct 24, 10 2:53 AM
Hola, Hello, Bonjour, Dos VeDanya (however you spell it)
Oct 3, 10 12:48 AM
Nairowing Unbanned
Aug 7, 10 7:26 PM
Signed up?
May 1, 10 7:08 PM
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Mar 9, 10 2:36 AM
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Welcome to the Parade of Death official site.

Parade of Death is a gaming clan currently playing the free online First Person Shooter, Combat Arms made by Nexon, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Lord Of The Rings Online, a free online MMORPG made by Turbine.  We are led by Nairowing, who is almost always playing and leveling up.  To join, you can't be a noob.  You must be at least Staff Sergeant First Class in Combat Arms, rank 10 in Modern Warfare 2, or level 12 in LOTRO to join Parade of Death.  However, there are exceptions.  Speak to Nairowing, Grishkna, or Jackattack_9 if you're lower than any of the required ranks/levels.  The Combat Arms required class icon is below for those who are confused.  Please, existing clan members, join this site and register your character(s).  You will receive announcements and events.  

Have fun, children!


[P.S. Combat Arms players will receive a free XP bonus pass from Nairowing upon joining. If you don't get one, tell him.]

Nairowing (Leader)

Combat Arms
[PoD] Nairowing
[PoD] Facepalm
[PoD] Grishkna


Grishkna, Oct 24, 10 2:53 AM.
We're addicted to another game... yes.  I know.  It's absurd.  But seriously, this game is awesome.  It's just a complete sandbox style block builder.

It's called Minecraft.  We have our own server and it's founded and hosted by yours truly. Inform one of us that you're in part of PoD and we'll promote you up a few levels.  You get bonus points for making cool stuff and joining the server site, too.


--Our aliases--
Nairowing: Nairo
Grishkna: Chezno12
jackattack_9: Facepalmed

Have fun, children.


Hola, Hello, Bonjour, Dos VeDanya (however you spell it)

Nairowing, Oct 3, 10 12:48 AM.
Hola, if you got this that means the link worked!

I don't have much to say, but if you want to donate without paying any money, click this link!

It helps pitch in. Thanks guys!


Nairowing Unbanned

Nairowing, Aug 7, 10 7:26 PM.
Hello everybody, Nairowing speaking, I have been unbanned. They banned me TEMP for getting NexOwned to many times. (and a little elite abuse... heh....) Anyways I am back!



Head of PoD

Signed up?

Nairowing, May 1, 10 7:08 PM.
Hi everyone,

Come to this site daily, we update the site daily and hope you all enjoy what we have to offer.

Me, Grishkna and Jackattack_9 have put a lot into this guild.

Cheers mates!


Forum Guidelines

ParadeOfDeath, Mar 9, 10 2:36 AM.
I. Once you have been an active member of PoD for over three weeks, you will be promoted to the second rank here,  which will grant you access to the General Admission forums.
II. Once you have been an active member for two months, you will have access to the next forum up.
III. Once you have been an active member for over three months, you will have access to the next forum.
IV. Once you have been an active member of PoD for over six months, you will have access to all of the forums.

We think you get the picture. 

NOTE: All founding members are automatically highest rank, so don't even think about trying to beg.
A list of the founding members is in the clan site description.
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